I design accessible websites with a contemporary look. Web design with an emphasis on elegance and a tantalizing design. Websites that radiate tranquillity and where visitors can quickly find the right information.

Websites are created in WordPress CMS (Content Management System), with which you can easily keep your own website up-to-date. Of course, you can also choose to let me do the maintenance. This will save you time and you can rest assured that this is always done on time and correctly. I can also take care of the web hosting for you.

It is difficult to indicate in advance what the costs are for having a website designed and built, its maintenance and hosting. This depends on your wishes and needs and will always be custom made. But I use attractive rates. Call or email me for an appointment or a quote!

Responsive webdesign

Clear steps

Don't talk too much, but listen all the better. During initial introductory conversations, it is well felt what is expected. I then let ideas 'simmer' for a while ... it has to take shape for a while.

If then the first turns are presented, it often results in nice first reactions. "Wow, just what we had in mind!" is an often-heard remark.

I see a website as an 'ongoing project'. By using an extensive 'builder' within WordPress, image and layout can be handled flexibly. So a website can easily 'grow with the times' and undergo subtle changes to keep up with the times without having to start all over again.

During an initial introductory meeting, preferences and goals are mapped out. Often ideas arise spontaneously, which are later developed into first design sketches.  As far as price offers are concerned, this is simple and clear. Fixed prices without surprises afterwards. Additional work is neatly discussed in advance.

Usually it is enough to make a design of the homepage and one type of follow-up page to determine the 'look and feel' and then work directly in WordPress on the general interpretation. But in a more complex project there may also be a preference to first create so-called 'Wireframes' - a schematic representation or construction drawing - so that the navigation, content and hierarchy of the website is completely clear. 

After approval of the design, I prefer to build directly in WordPress, so that I have better control over the final 'live' experience. The client is involved in this building process. That's really nice. Consultation, fine-tuning and perfecting together so that everything looks good when the website is launched.

It's a nice moment. The website goes 'live'! Yeehaaah...  And then what? You can choose to keep the website up to date or I can take over this task for you. Usually it's a bit of both. I prefer to have major changes or additions in my own hands so that the original design is not compromised. We can discuss this in advance. Anyway, I make sure that WordPress and the plugins used stay up-to-date. 

Custom build

Websites with a tasteful design, clear and uncluttered. For and pleasant viewing experience. 

WordPress CMS

Websites are built in WordPress. Possibility to flexibly expand or redesign websites.


If desired, web hosting can be arranged. Tailored to requirements and / or wishes and at advantageous rates.


I keep your website technically up to date and monitor the 'look and feel'. If desired, I can also manage the content.

Afbeelding Zoekmachine optimalisatie - SEO

Are you found?

I can also be of service to you in the field of search engine marketing and link building. I work together with Webton Internetc. in Hengelo. Webton ensures with its search engine marketing and link building services that your website is optimally findable through search engines for your potential customers. Always, the moment they are looking for you.

Webton focuses mainly on search engine Google, as Google is used by 97% of the Dutch population. Webton has the know-how to make your company score high in the normal part of Google. For more information about search engine marketing and link building: Webton.nl


An exploratory introductory meeting is easily arranged. Preferably in an informal way - a nice hot cup of coffee - I would like to take all the time to get to know your company or organization. Together we can see how I can be of service to you with colorful on- and offline creations.